Distracted Annie & Other Books by Jennifer Doswell,MSW,LCSW.

The title of this book is perfect and introduces the reader to the perils of children who cannot seem to stay focused! The book is excellent for professionals (teachers and school administrators), parents and children of all ages. A child’s inability to stay focused can lead to problems in learning, to behavioral problems and in making friends. The child described in the book suffers from being easily distracted but the author creates a delightful twist to an anticipated outcome. My very rambunctious 3-year-old grandson loved the story! ~ L Cardona (01/16/19)

Distracted Annie
by Jennifer Doswell, MSW, LCSW

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Tall, smart, and clumsy Annie loves to learn, but often her fascination for learning is outside the classroom. She views the world around her as one big curiosity after another. When a trip to the store turns into an adventure, can her heart-warming antics save the day?

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    Publisher: Mascot Books (December 4, 2018)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1684017505
    ISBN-13: 978-1684017508
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Christopher Under The Moonlight & Other Books by Jennifer Doswell,MSW,LCSW.


Testimonial: "There's no need to fear the daylight." The use of the word “Moonlight” in the title is metaphorical. The book is very appealing, with a striking cover and compelling illustrations. The content drives the point of how being insecure about one’s appearance can shape self-esteem and interfere with the confidence required in making friends. My 3-year-old grandson easily grasped the concept and loved the story. ~ L. Cardona (01/16/19)

Christopher Under The Moonlight
by Jennifer Doswell, MSW, LCSW

Shy 7-year-old Christopher discovers courage and friendship right in his backyard under a full moon. He thinks his belly is too chubby, but one night he dares to go out to his backyard pool for a swim. His backyard adventure leads to friendship as he gains courage and overcomes his shyness. Take a swim with Christopher and learn how everyone can have courage and confidence whoever you are.

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About the Illustrator:

D.J. Elliott is a native of California and has been creating works of art for most of her life, however, this is her first book illustration. She is a grandmother of 11 children and understands the need to pass on to our young ones the values of self-respect, worth and unconditional love and friendship as is set forth in this book. She hopes to continue illustrating as a means of retirement from her career in mental health.

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